Our Commitment to You as an ICF Coaching Certification Provider

We know that choosing an ICF programme that fits YOU is key. That's why our programmes are flexible and support you in developing your own style of coaching, in line with the ICF Competencies. Read more about the way that we work and our commitments to you as a Coach Trainee with Become.


When studying with us on an ICF Level 1 or Level 2 Coach Certification Programme we want to make sure that you are equipped not only to meet the ACC or PCC Criteria of the but also that you become a great coach. ⁠At the same time our aim is to support you develop your self-awareness and the way that you can integrate psychological frameworks and tools in a coaching process that works for your client. 

Read on to see how we do this.

Want to Become an Accredited ICF Coach?

That’s great! But please don’t get confused by all the jargon. We are here to help you with your Certification. 

Our Diploma in Integrative Coaching is delivered online, flexibly over a number of evenings and weekends. It covers the fundamentals of coaching and also frameworks such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Coaching and Solutions-Focused approaches to coaching. 

We help you develop your own framework of working with clients in line with the ICF Competencies and Ethics. 

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1. Small Group Live Classes where you are not just a number where you interact with real human beings including your wonderful group that you’ll be working with. This is key for us – you’ll be working with other coaches and you won’t be just a number.⁠

2. Written and Verbal Feedback on your coaching practice. Your written feedback helps you understand your strengths, habits, ways of working and the way you show up with your clients. You then have an opportunity to discuss the verbal feedback with your observer.⁠

3. Coach Mentoring Sessions included in the price. Our Levels 1 and 2 Diplomas include both personal and group mentoring to help you explore the way you’re working within the ICF Competencies, getting you reading to apply for your ACC or PCC.⁠

4. Ongoing support including refresher and CPD opportunities. We understand that you don’t want to do just a course. That this is meaningful. There is a strong focus of developing your self-awareness on this programme and we support this during and after the programme! We have alumni groups, exam prep sessions and communities you can join.⁠

5. Access to Online Learning including a bespoke Learning Portal. We have created this to support your learning. Each Class has its own materials that includes any potential prework, recordings of coaching sessions and of the Live Classes. You can then use the Portal when you need it and not just during your studies.⁠

6. A wonderful Community of supportive Coaches and Mentors to work with. Not just during your programme but also, and importantly, after! We don’t want you to lose momentum once you start approaching the end of your studies. And that’s why we have Alumni Communities, additional Group Mentoring & Supervision and events to make sure you stay connected.

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