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Woman talking to a Client

Why Executive Coaches focus beyond the Individual to Enable Organisational Results

Exceptional executive coaches understand that their work transcends the individual coachee. They embrace a systemic approach that acknowledges the interconnectedness of leaders, teams, and the entire organisation. By focusing on relationships within and outside the organization, executive coaches play a pivotal role in driving holistic growth, fostering a culture of continuous improvement, and ultimately ensuring sustained success. In a world where leadership is more than just an individual endeavor, the systemic approach of executive coaches shines. Read More.

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Helen Robinson ACC Coach

Insights from my First Year as a New Coaching Business

Navigating Success: Insights from my First Year running a Coaching Business On this episode, Helen Wheeler ACC (soon to be Robinson!), founder of Destinations Coaching …

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Woman coaching Online

Online Coaching: does it work? (Hint: Yes!)

Online platforms like Zoom and Teams provide convenience and accessibility, breaking down geographical barriers for Coaching Practice. Clients value the comfort and anonymity these platforms offer. Online coaching helps support continuity through regular sessions, even when individuals are travelling. Read more to explore ways how technology is changing the way 1-1 Coaching is experienced.

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Woman taking a deep breath

5 Ways to apply ACT Principles to Coaching

At its core ACT recognizes that psychological suffering arises from our struggle to control or avoid unwanted thoughts, emotions, and sensations. Rather than trying to eliminate or suppress these experiences, ACT invites us to accept them as normal and make room for them in our lives. By shifting our focus towards taking action aligned with our values, we can create a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and inner peace. Learn more in this blog.

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Two women in a coaching session

You don’t Become a Great Coach by Learning GROW

We feel that GROW is an okay start but to truly work with clients, coaches need to progress beyond structural models. Help your client set their own trajectory for the coaching session. Provide a space that can be model-free which allows a more dynamic and creative coaching experience. We know this from the coaching research – the biggest indicator of success is not how we use the model but the way we build an alliance, a trusting partnership with our clients. That doesn’t happen by just learning GROW.

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Person smiling

The Quickest Way to Gain an ICF Certification shouldn’t Compromise on Quality

Completing an ICF Certification Programme is a big milestone for any Coach. When looking at Coach Training programmes it’s key to find one that focuses on quality, supporting you becoming the best Coach you can be. Read our Blog Post with tips on ways you can find a Coach Training Programme that works for you.

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