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Here, you can find our free learning resources to help you develop as a coach or a leader. Our resources include our Podcast Coaching in Focus, where Joseph is in conversation with other coaches. 

You can also find our 2 Minute Coaching Tips videos and Articles on coaching and professional development areas.

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Podcast Episode for Coaching in Focus

The Future of Coaching for Organisational Learning

In this episode of Coaching in Focus, host Joseph Grech welcomes Georgia Russell, founder of Spinach, to explore the transformative power of coaching in modern ...
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Two people talking at a bar

Introduction to the Drama Triangle in Transformational Coaching: Understanding Roles and Relationships

This blog post explores the Drama Triangle in the context of transformational coaching, highlighting the roles of Victim, Persecutor, and Rescuer. It explains how individuals ...
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Coaching thinking

Why Ethics matter for Professional Coaches

Read this post to understand why ethics are crucial in coaching relationships. Ethics form the foundation of successful coaching, fostering trust, respect, and professionalism. In ...
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Joseph Grech smiling at camera

Is it Better to Coach using Models or Techniques? (or do you focus on the Coach-Client Relationship?)

In this blog post we explore contrasting coaching approaches: structured frameworks and organic unfolding. While structures offer clarity and purpose, they can limit outcomes and ...
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Podcast episode with Patrick Mullarkey Mentor

The Value of Coaching Skills for L&D Professionals

In this episode, our host Joseph Grech is joined by Patrick Mullarkey, an experienced learning and leadership professional who works in startups and scale-ups within ...
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Joseph Grech Coaching Psychologist

Tips for Elevating Unspoken Communication in your Coaching Sessions from an ICF Coaching Psychologist

Coaching encompasses both explicit and implicit communication, with unspoken cues shaping the coach-client relationship. Become Founder and PCC Coaching Psychologist Joseph Grech highlights the importance ...
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