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Choosing your Values: 6 Key Ideas

As coaches we tend to talk a lot about values. We encourage our clients to explore their values. To identify ways they can set goals in line with these values. To live a life in service of our chosen values.

And rightly so. Tonnes of research (e.g. Cohen & Sherman, 2014, Cresswell et al., 2005, Nelson et al., 2014, to mention a limited few!) shows that considering and choosing our values does us wonders. Individuals who use their values when living cope better with stress, have improved motivation and performance and overall report greater wellbeing.

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Agreements in Professional Coaching

This blogpost explores the explicit ways that coaches can make agreements with their clients. It looks at the type of agreements that can be made at the start of a coaching programme when getting the client on board all the way to the closing of a session. Read on for examples of coaching agreements. Are you using these in your coaching practice?

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Tips for Signposting Coaching Clients to Therapy

Not all coaches will have an understanding of mental health and their connections to this area might be limited. Take an example of a client who you might have met for a discovery call or had a first session with. Throughout the session the client mentions they feel anxious a lot, have trouble sleeping, have noticed that their weight keeps fluctuating and there’s a lot of negative self-talk. As a coach you might be be wondering what to do.

Here are some ideas to help your confidence in working as a coach when signposting

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Is Supervision or Mentoring Mandatory for ICF Coaches?

In a nutshell, yes. Read on for more information.

For the nature of this blog post we are looking at both supervision and mentoring together. Although there are differences between the two this goes beyond the scope of this article.

If you are an ICF Coach then Supervision or Mentoring is a mandatory requirement for your credential renewal. Apart from this accreditation requirement, it’s important to see supervision for what it is – a way to support you working ethically, help you address any challenges and also celebrate achievements.

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ACC vs PCC vs MCC – Demystifying ICF’s Accreditation Levels

Studying to become a Coach inevitably leads you to a number of acronyms used in the profession that can be confusing! You might have heard of ACSTH, ACTP, Levels 1, 2 and 3 for example. It can get tricky to get your head around these terms! The aim of this post is to clarify these, especially in light of the ACC, PCC and MCC Credentials that the International Coaching Federation awards. Read on to find out more.

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Why Psychology matters to Coaching Conversations

We believe that as coaches it is important for us to have an understanding of coaching principles that impact these type of conversations. This article explores why we feel this is important bringing in aspects such as ethical practice.

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