icf accredited certificate in
leadership & Organisational coaching

A packed 2-Day course that covers the theory and practice of coaching with organisations, whether you're an internal coach or an external one. By following this programme you will hone your coaching skills further and learn new techniques to support people flourish in organisations.

On the programme you will explore a variety of coaching frameworks. You will also have ample opportunity to practice your skills. It will support you to develop your expertise in working with leaders explore a range of opportunities and challenges as required within their organisational context.

Next online delivery dates:

- 1 & 2 November 2024 | 9.30am - 4pm UK

Online Delivery

Live through zoom

14 hours

of coach training


all materials and resources

£ 389

excluding uk vat

Who is this training course
Suitable for?

This 2-day training course is suitable for individuals who would like to understand theory and practice of coaching within an organisational context.

The Certificate covers how coaching in organisations can differ from other niches such as personal or life coaching. Throughout you will be challenged to explore ways you can support employees, including leaders thrive at work.

It also brings to life the ethical and organisational factors that impact professional coaching, particularly when working with sponsors and other stakeholders like HR and line managers.

On the Course you will also be introduced to ways how you can support leaders by creating a safe environment and working partnership to foster high performance.

by attending this live course
you will :

Understand the Principles of Coaching in Organisations

and explore, in practical ways, how coaching skills support individuals, teams and the wider organisation achieve superior performance. You will understand how professional coaching can support  engagement, responsible leadership and employee wellbeing. 

Explore how to Create a Positive Coaching alliance with Organisational Stakeholders

including HR and line managers. The Course covers ways of contracting with organisations (as an internal or external coach) and key areas of consideration including ethics and potential conflicts of interest.

Learn ways to Support Employees through Coaching-Based Interventions

using a range of techniques including systemic thinking and models such as CLEAR. You will also learn how to support employees become more accountable and responsive to their own learning needs and CPD.

Practice Frameworks and Tools that support 1:1 Coaching with Leaders

including specific challenges in executive coaching and working with individuals at senior or board level. You will learn ways how to support leaders create and refine their leadership purpose and work through any psychological blocks.

Be able to Support People Reach their own Goals

in a way where you are not giving advice or suggestions. Instead learn non-directive ways how to help someone uncover what’s important for them, solve their own problems and set meaningful action plans. 

Develop a Deeper Understanding of the ICF Competencies

in a safe and supportive environment. This goes beyond role-plays and you’ll be having conversations with real people about real topics. We call it real-play.

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Here's feedback from
previous trainees
"I recently undertook the ICF Diploma with Become which has been a highly rewarding experience both professionally and personally.

I am career coach and as a continuous learner I was looking for ways to develop further and enhance the services I provide to my clients.

Working with Joseph has been educational, performance enhancing and most importantly, enjoyable. Joseph is a professional, subject matter expert who is warm, engaging and easy to develop rapport with. He has a great coaching and mentoring style and has superb interpersonal skills.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending others to work with Joseph and the team at Become."
Richard Clements
Career Coach
Clear Cut Selection
"I have had the pleasure to complete an Integrative Coaching Diploma with Become and the amazing facilitators and coaches.

It's been one of the most rewarding learning experiences that I've ever done. This is because of the interactive delivery style, exceptionally knowledgeable trainers and a friendly, supportive environment for development.

It was really valuable working alongside other like-minded people and obtaining an ICF Certification. Joseph and the team were always ready to help and I looked forward to the Live Classes. More than anything else I felt truly supported. I obtained detailed, wonderful feedback that helped me develop myself as an integrative coach. Thank you to all the team at Become!"
Florentina Sandru
Talent Manager & Alumni of the Diploma in Integrative Coaching
"I’ve done various training courses over the years and nothing comes close to this one.

The ICF Course in Integrative Coaching has clearly been well thought out and this is evident by how well structured it is with the variety of resources available.

The online portal was invaluable as a go-to tool jam packed with course materials and was great to be able to re-watch session recordings. The team leading the course were so encouraging and the one-to-one mentoring within this course was incredibly invaluable. Finally, I met a great bunch of likeminded people.

So, for anyone considering doing an accredited ICF programme I would not hesitate to recommend Become. You won’t regret it!"
Sean Mullins
Consultant & Coach
SEO Strategy Ltd.
Questions about
live online training?

It depends! On the topic, the facilitator and the audience. We think that to make online learning effective you need to make it engaging and worthwhile. And that’s what we do! All of our facilitators understand the ins and outs of using a wide range of communication, training and technological tools to help you make the most of our time together.

We do not do death by PowerPoint – you are involved in the learning programme. It is not a replication of a face-to-face event – it’s a completely redesigned learning experience specifically tailored for online delivery.

Through a variety of ways. First we make sure that you are prepared for the session. We send you clear joining instructions that help you make the most of it. You also get access to the materials before so that you can have these ready.

We of course use a wide range of additional tools to help us engage with the learning material including Jamboards, Menti polls, videos, smaller breakout rooms, the use of Google Docs to store notes. And don’t worry if you don’t know what these are and how to use them. That’s why we are here for. All you need to do is click a link and show up!

No. You do however need access to a computer. A tablet will work however we would not recommend it as it limits the interaction you can have with your facilitator. 

This is a tricky one. No you don’t, in essence but we would prefer you to! Not all the time. You can switch it off if you want to stand up and do a big stretch! That’s all good! 

We just find that seeing people’s faces not only makes the session more engaging but also helps us support your learning. We can see your non-verbal behaviour and adjust the session accordingly based on what’s happening.

Yes we do! If you’re interested speak to your line manager or your HR team to understand if there’s any other colleagues who might be interested. The minimum we take is 4 learners for an in-house course. 

Yes we do. We have delivered this workshop across various organisations worldwide include the United States, Asia and Australia.

Definitely! We want you to make sure that you choose the right training programme. We’re honest about our approach and we’d love the opportunity to discuss with you how we work.  

Feel free to contact us directly with any questions or simply to have a chat on +44-2080640376 or on info@tobecome.org 

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