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ICF Accredited

Diploma in Integrative Coaching

This Coach Training Programme is designed around the ICF Competencies, Code of Ethics and Core Values. It provides you with an integrative approach to developing your coaching skills whilst helping you elevate your professional practice. The Diploma is delivered using a variety of learning methods. They include Live Online Classes with ICF accredited coaches, 1-1 observations and written reports on your own coaching practice. As a result it gives you everything that you need to develop yourself as a brilliant coach.

Why Integrative?

Generally developing coaches to be able to work with just one framework can be limiting. It can lead to the coach just following just one process which might not be suitable for a coach. We. believe that great coaches flex their style to truly focus on what their clients require.

As a result, on this Diploma you will explore key concepts that will allow you to coach in an integrative way. You’ll always do this in a non-directive and client-driven way and in line with the ICF’s competencies.

Don’t Know Where To Start?

Attend our free Coaching Fundamentals Online Workshop



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Don’t Know Where To Start?

Attend a free Coaching Fundamentals Workshop



Click to find out more and register

​Who is it for?

This ICF Accredited Coach Training Programme is ideal for individuals who are passionate about elevating their coaching practice. It is a rigorous programme that will enable you to explore and practice key skills in coaching. It provides you with 66 hours of coaching training that cover live online sessions, mentoring and observations with feedback. You will also gain access to an online learning portal to track your progress and access course content.


What are the learning goals?

  • Develop your skills and behaviours in professional coaching that can be used in a variety of contexts – from work, relationships, career to life
  • Grow your confidence in coaching by working in an ethical and conscious manner that embodies the ICF Competencies
  • Enhance your own self-awareness, emotional intelligence and professional growth
  • Achieve the Diploma allowing you to apply as an ACC Coach with the ICF

What will I learn?

First you’ll focus on key skills that create and enable great coaching. These include your ability to truly actively listen, question intuitively and adopt a non-directive approach. 

Then, using a variety of learning methods, you will become proficient at coaching in line with the ICF Competencies and ensuring that your practice meets their Code of Ethics and Values.

By doing so, you will enable clients address and respond to what’s happening in their lives using evidence-based and psychologically-informed frameworks. You will in turn become proficient supporting people who want to create change in themselves. This could be at a professional or a more personal, transformational level.

How is the ICF Diploma designed?

The design of the Diploma in Integrative Coaching is focused on the ICF Competencies.

This is coupled with a consideration of researched coaching approaches including Humanistic, Cognitive Behavioural, Acceptance-Commitment and Solutions-Focused methodologies.

By exploring these approaches in light of the ICF Competencies we provide you with a strong foundation to work as a professional coach.

As you progress you will feel and become more confident in your coaching abilities. Together we will hone your skills in the craft, from having standalone coaching conversations to structuring full coaching programmes. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to work with a range of clients and across varied situational contexts, e.g. life, career, executive. 

How are the 66 Hours of Coach Training delivered?

Induction Evening

Live Online Classes on Saturdays

Mentoring Sessions

Months to Complete


Access to Bespoke Course Materials

How is the Diploma in Integrative Coaching assessed?

Observed Recorded Coaching Sessions

CPD Reflective Log during the Course


Minimum Attendance

I recently undertook the ICF Diploma with Become, which has been a highly rewarding experience both professionally and personally.

I am career coach myself, and as a continuous learner I am always looking for ways in which I can develop further and enhance the services I provide to my clients. 

Working with Joseph has been educational, performance enhancing and , most importantly, enjoyable. Joseph is a professional, subject matter expert who is warm, engaging and easy to develop rapport with. He has a great coaching and mentoring style and has superb interpersonal skills. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending others to work with Joseph.

Richard Clements

Career Coach, Clear Cut Selection

I work in long term transformation through 1 on 1 coaching and wanted to get an ICF qualification that was helpful for my learning and practice.

So I looked for an online course and completed a Diploma in Integrative Coaching with Joseph and the team at Become Coaching & Training.

Throughout the years I have attended other coaching programmes and found Become’s mixture of learning methods refreshing.

The education and care we received, the details, the practical application of concepts and the group dynamic made for an overall stellar experience. There is a huge depth of expertise and experience that shines out of this organisation and I can wholeheartedly recommend them.

Maude Burger-Smith


Choosing to become a qualified coach with Become Coaching & Training was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 

I found Become and instantly Joseph filled me with confidence. His training, expertise and reputation spoke for itself, but I was really interested in his integrative approach. I valued the mentoring sessions were personalised and getting the chance to talk about my practice and get advice was one of the most helpful experiences of my career so far.

All of this resulted in opening my coaching business and finding paying clients. It’s so fulfilling and I honestly believe that I would not have had the courage, competence and support to do so if I’d had chosen another course.

Steven McCormick

L&D Professional & Coach, New Road Coaching

Questions about

Coach Training Pathways?

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Course Structure

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About your Course Leader: Joseph Grech, PCC

Joseph is an ICF accredited coach (PCC) and a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD. He lectures on Qualifications at Levels 3, 5 and 7 and has mentored coaches globally for over fifteen years. 

In his own practice Joseph is experienced using a wide range of  frameworks, believing that flexibility is key.  A ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach can be limiting in coaching relationships which is why an integrative aspect is key. Fundamental to his practice is a core, humanistic belief in people and Joseph is a firm believer of strengths-based approaches. Apart from these he also utilises acceptance-commitment and cognitive behavioural approaches to enable long term change in individuals. 

Throughout his career he has advanced in a number of L&D and training roles. These include Training Manager for an immigration consultancy and also leadership development for Kingfisher plc. a FTSE100 organisation. Over the last 15 years Joseph has worked alongside managers supporting them make positive changes in the way they work to enhance performance.  

Joseph has also managed people and teams for most of his career. For him, the key to success is to genuinely trust people so that they can show you how brilliant they are.

Find out more about our other facilitators here.


Entry Requirements

No specific qualifications are required in order to apply on this Coach Training programme. However, previous experience of having worked with people, ideally in a 1-1 capacity is favourable. This experience could be through a line management relationship or work done in a related field (e.g. mentoring, counselling, consulting). Voluntary engagements such as listening roles are also beneficial.

As part of the application process you will need to submit your CV. Following this, a diagnostic is conducted by one of our team members. This is carried out over Zoom and its aim is to provide you with more information on the programme. It also gives you an opportunity to ask questions and ensure the Diploma is suitable for you. 

If you do require more detail feel free to contact us on or on +44-2032398728. If you’re ready to apply and have a chat with us click on the button below.

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