Why should I get an ICF Coaching Certification? 5 Key Reasons

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This blogpost provides you with an overview of some of the benefits of obtaining an ICF Coaching Certification. If you're interested in pursuing a career in coaching or simply want to enhance your skills as a coach, completing an ICF Coach Training Certification is definitely worth considering. Our Level 1 and Level 2 Diplomas give you all the tools you need to excel as a coach whilst working towards your ACC or PCC Credential. Let's break down what all this means in this post.


The ICF (International Coach Federation) is the largest awarding body for coaches globally. As part of their remit they provide a number of accredited programmes, typically denoted as Level 1 or Level 2 that lead to their credentials of ACC, PCC or MCC. 

This blog post explores whether you should invest in an ICF Certification and some of the benefits of completing an accredited programme.

1. Establish Credibility as a Professional Coach

By completing an ICF Coach Training Certification, you are demonstrating your commitment to professional standards and ethics as a coach. It provides a level of credibility that sets you apart from other coaches who might have not completed a rigorous programme. Clients, personal or corporate, are more likely to trust a coach who has been certified by the ICF.

2. Learn a Comprehensive yet Flexible Coaching Framework that supports you Elevate your Coaching Practice

Our ICF Diploma programmes are based on a comprehensive coaching framework that includes core competencies, ethics, and standards. The framework provides a solid foundation for your coaching practice and helps you develop the skills and knowledge necessary to be an effective coach. You will learn how to establish coaching agreements, create a safe and supportive environment, ask powerful questions, listen actively, provide feedback, and facilitate client growth and development.

These skills will not only benefit your clients, but also your personal and professional relationships.

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3. Increase Your Earning Potential as you develop as a Coach

Completing an ICF-accredited coach training program will not only provide you with credibility and recognition, for example the ACC or PCC credential but it can also increase your earning potential. According to the ICF Global Coaching Study, coaches with an ICF credential earn significantly more than non-credentialed coaches.

4. Access to a Global Network of Coaches & Coach Mentors

The ICF has a global network of over 35,000 members in more than 140 countries. Completing an ICF-accredited coach training program will give you access to this network, providing you with the opportunity to connect with coaches from all over the world and build your professional network.

As part of our support to our Alumni we also have coaching communities, refresher training programmes and activities that you can engage in so that you stay connected with others.

5. Staying on top of your Continuous Professional Development

Coaching is a constantly evolving profession and it is important to keep up with the latest trends, research and best practices. The ICF requires its members to complete continuing education to maintain their credentials. Completing an ICF Coach Training Certification program means you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to continue your professional development. 

You can start off your ICF Coach Training via the Level 1 Diploma and then continue on CPD programmes such as our Certificates. You might also wish to go for the Level 2 Advanced Diploma which is a complete end to end programme that leads to the PCC Credential.

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We understand that exploring different pathways to certify as a professional coach can be confusing. So let us de-mystify it for you. Book a call to discuss any questions you have and find out more about what makes our programmes unique. 

On the call we can explore the various ways you can develop your coaching abilities, gain practical experience, and navigate the ICF certification process with confidence.

What we don’t do is try to sell you things. We don’t like and expect you don’t either. So this is just a friendly conversation to help you explore if coaching could be for you.

Let’s connect and embark on this transformative journey together. Schedule your call now and unlock the limitless possibilities of becoming an ICF coach!

Joseph Grech ICF Course Leader Psychologist | PCC Coach

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