An immersive learning programme aimed at supporting leaders and managers develop their skills in enabling high performance work. Participants on this programme explore what drives their leadership purpose, how to successfully craft a motivating strategy for their team and ways to build trust and accountability in others.

This programme is delivered in a flexible way online, typically ranging from six to eight sessions over a number of months. This longitudinal approach supports delegates to reflect, implement changes, learn from their application and further their leadership behaviours. It is delivered in-house to small groups of up to 12 delegates.

delivered flexibly online over a range of interactive workshops

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Who is this training course
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This workshop is ideal for line managers and senior staff members who want to elevate their skills and behaviours to create high performing teams. 

Delivering over a range of sessions it focuses on enabling managers explore the importance of leadership attitude over just occupational competency and knowledge.

We deliver the programme flexibly over 8 half-day Zoom sessions with ample breaks  to keep you energised. We really do not do death by Zoom or PowerPoint. We’ve been there and we know it’s not fun!

If you prefer, we can also run the programme in a bespoke way and tailor it to match your requirements and your organisation.

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Here's feedback from
previous clients
The session went really, really well! I found some of the ideas Become used extremely helpful – notably REACH, and the coaching stuff.
Clare Wakeham
Organisational Development Advisor - University of Oxford
The 2 hour session was a perfect length. It enabled everyone to remain engaged without starting to think about work tasks. Kept levels of interaction up. Group size was good also. Around 8 participants means more engagement rather a larger group and people may hang back. Lastly Joseph was a great trainer/presenter/facilitator. His style made the session very engaging and helped to make it more impactful from understanding to takeaways.
Anne Davies
Senior EMEA Enterprise Support Manager - MasterControl
Managing remote teams was a brilliant session, Joseph excellently facilitated the session and I have already recommended it to my colleagues – thank you so much!
Connie Sharrock
Programme Manager - Medicine Safety, Innovation Agency
Really useful mix of discussion and practical information and suggestion. Lots of useful pointers and ways to structure activity and conversations. Very accessible and helpful.
Anna Bainbridge
Head of HR - Caring Together
Very well-structured session, with ample opportunity for going in-depth despite the shortish length. It was nice that some elements were applicable to leadership and management in general too.
Tim Heddema
Agricultural Counsellor - Embassy of the Netherlands in the UK
Thank you! Time well spent. We, like many have been forced on-line, but will most likely be a mixture going forward, so managing correctly is important. Likewise my role is in employment and mental health and this knowledge and best practice will help me support people in the workplace to get the best balance for well being, but also for being a productive environment.
Kevin Winch
Mental Health Professional - London Borough of Bexley
Questions about
live online training?

We can tailor the programme in a way that meets your organisational requirements. This is a huge advantage of running this programme online. 

Most clients opt for having both sessions on the same day however we can change this depending on what works with you. Our sessions are engaging and interactive whereby we use a number of simple to use but effective tools to help people collaborate and learn in a supportive way. 

For example, over a typical session our delegates use tools like:

  • Google Docs to co-create and work on documents together. This helps to keep a central place for all notes and observations that they can access at a later date.
  • Menti to get a quick snapshot of how the audience might be feeling or to formatively assess their learning. 
  • Jamboard, Mural and Padlet to help recreate a whiteboard and post-it notes environment and help multiple learners contribute together, online, at the same time.


We don’t want you to worry about the tech though. We use what technology is appropriate depending on the organisational context and culture. And that’s why each programme is truly unique and bespoke.


It depends! On the topic, the facilitator and the audience. We think that to make online learning effective you need to make it engaging and worthwhile. And that’s what we do! All of our facilitators understand the ins and outs of using a wide range of communication, training and technological tools to help you make the most of our time together.

We do not do death by PowerPoint – you are involved in the learning programme. It is not a replication of a face-to-face event – it’s a completely redesigned learning experience specifically tailored for online delivery.

Through a variety of ways. First we make sure that you are prepared for the session. We send you clear joining instructions that help you make the most of it. You also get access to the materials before so that you can have these ready.

We of course use a wide range of additional tools to help us engage with the learning material including Jamboards, Menti polls, videos, smaller breakout rooms, the use of Google Docs to store notes. And don’t worry if you don’t know what these are and how to use them. That’s why we are here for. All you need to do is click a link and show up!

No. You do however need access to a computer. A tablet will work however we would not recommend it as it limits the interaction you can have with your facilitator. 

This is a tricky one. No you don’t, in essence but we would prefer you to! Not all the time. You can switch it off if you want to stand up and do a big stretch! That’s all good! 

We just find that seeing people’s faces not only makes the session more engaging but also helps us support your learning. We can see your non-verbal behaviour and adjust the session accordingly based on what’s happening.

Unfortunately we do not. We run this workshop as an in-house training event for organisations. If you’re interested speak to your line manager or your HR team to understand if there’s any other colleagues who might be interested. The minimum we take is 4 learners. 

Yes we do. We have delivered this workshop across various organisations worldwide include the United States, Asia and Australia.

Definitely! We want you to make sure that you choose the right training programme. We’re honest about our approach and we’d love the opportunity to discuss with you how we work.  

Feel free to contact us directly with any questions or simply to have a chat on +44-2080640376 or on 

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