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Want to explore coaching further but are unsure where to start? Then this is for you! A collection of videos to help you understand coaching practice and how to become a professional coach.

We have put together a Coach Training Toolkit to help you navigate the wonderful, yet at times confusing world, of becoming a credentialed coach.

The Toolkit has information around what integrative coaching is, our ICF Accredited Diploma, ways to become a qualified coach, what you can do following a coaching qualification and choosing a coach training provider.

We hope you find the videos below helpful to get you on your path to become a qualified coach

ICF Levels 1 & 2 Diplomas in Integrative Coaching

JANUARY 2022 // APRIL 2022

What is Integrative Coaching?

On this video you’ll learn more about what Integrative Coaching is and why we love this style of working with clients. 

Joseph provides you with some examples of how you can flex your approach with different coachees depending on their needs and circumstances. The key piece of learning here is to tailor the coaching to the client and not the client to a particular coaching process!

How is the ICF Diploma delivered?

The Diploma in delivered entirely online mainly through Live Classes with other coach-trainees and a facilitator. 

We believe that in order to develop your coaching skills it is important to be able to learn with others, practice your skills and behaviours, and also discuss and obtain feedback with your peers. This level of involvement is also what makes the Diploma different.

What can I do after the Diploma?

A question that we get a lot is ‘What’s next? What can I do after the Diploma?’ and the reality is that there’s plenty! 

First of all it sets you on the path to get your ACC Credentialling with the ICF. Previous Alumni have changed jobs, ones more linked to coaching, for example career coaches in the educational and private sectors. 

Others have set up their own businesses or became self-employed. You’ll also find that you’ll want to keep on practicing your coaching skills, perhaps to apply for PCC or even MCC markers with the ICF (that’s Professional and Master Coach!)

Why train as a coach with us?

We know that there are many coach-training providers out there. Therefore, it is vital to make sure that the ICF accreditation course that you choose is one that matches what you want to get from the programme. 

On this video you will find out more about what makes us unique. You will also hear about our commitments that we make to you as we make sure that you don’t just meet the ACC criteria of the ICF Credentialing but also that you become a great coach!

In addition we have a range of coach training programmes that will help your development all the way to PCC level.

How do I become an Accredited Coach?

Coaching, as you might know by now, is unregulated in many countries. Ironically we find that this is initially one of the main reasons why trainees want to make sure that they become qualified, through their studies and experience to be proud to call themselves coaches! 

However you might also have noticed that becoming an accredited coach can be confused. So let’s break it down for you in this video. 

Watch our 2 Minute Coaching Tips on YouTube

Apart from these bespoke videos we have a collection of 2 Minute Coaching Tips on our YouTube channel. You can find one below and the full playlist here.

Feel free to subscribe as we regularly update our channels with more videos on coaching tips and coach-training accreditation.

In addition, if you have any questions about the Diploma of our coaching programmes please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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Testimonials from our alumni
"I recently undertook the ICF Diploma with Become which has been a highly rewarding experience both professionally and personally.

I am career coach and as a continuous learner I was looking for ways to develop further and enhance the services I provide to my clients.

Working with Joseph has been educational, performance enhancing and most importantly, enjoyable. Joseph is a professional, subject matter expert who is warm, engaging and easy to develop rapport with. He has a great coaching and mentoring style and has superb interpersonal skills.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending others to work with Joseph and the team at Become."
Richard Clements
Career Coach
Clear Cut Selection
"I have had the pleasure to complete an Integrative Coaching Diploma with Become and the amazing facilitators and coaches.

It's been one of the most rewarding learning experiences that I've ever done. This is because of the interactive delivery style, exceptionally knowledgeable trainers and a friendly, supportive environment for development.

It was really valuable working alongside other like-minded people and obtaining an ICF Certification. Joseph and the team were always ready to help and I looked forward to the Live Classes. More than anything else I felt truly supported. I obtained detailed, wonderful feedback that helped me develop myself as an integrative coach. Thank you to all the team at Become!"
Coach Trainee Review
Florentina Sandru
Talent Manager & Alumni of the Diploma in Integrative Coaching
"I’ve done various training courses over the years and nothing comes close to this one.

The ICF Course in Integrative Coaching has clearly been well thought out and this is evident by how well structured it is with the variety of resources available.

The online portal was invaluable as a go-to tool jam packed with course materials and was great to be able to re-watch session recordings. The team leading the course were so encouraging and the one-to-one mentoring within this course was incredibly invaluable. Finally, I met a great bunch of likeminded people.

So, for anyone considering doing an accredited ICF programme I would not hesitate to recommend Become. You won’t regret it!"
Sean Mullins
Consultant & Coach
SEO Strategy Ltd.

Questions about the Diploma and Coach Training Pathways?

This ICF Accredited Coach Training Programme is ideal for individuals who are passionate about elevating their coaching practice. It is a rigorous programme that will enable you to explore and practice key skills in coaching. It provides you with 66 hours of coaching training that cover live online sessions, mentoring and observations with feedback. You will also gain access to an online learning portal to track your progress and access course content.

We believe that developing coaches to be able to work with just one framework can be limiting. It can lead to the coach just following just one process which might not be suitable for a coachee. We. believe that great coaches flex their style to truly focus on what their clients require.

As a result, on this Diploma you will explore key concepts that will allow you to coach in an integrative way. You’ll always do this in a non-directive and client-driven way and in line with the ICF’s competencies.

First you’ll focus on key skills that create and enable great coaching. These include your ability to truly actively listen, question intuitively and adopt a non-directive approach. 

Then, using a variety of learning methods, you will become proficient at coaching in line with the ICF Competencies and ensuring that your practice meets their Code of Ethics and Values.

The design of the Diploma in Integrative Coaching is focused on the ICF Competencies. This is coupled with a consideration of researched coaching approaches including Humanistic, Cognitive Behavioural, Acceptance-Commitment and Solutions-Focused methodologies.

As you progress you will feel and become more confident in your coaching abilities. Together we will hone your skills in the craft, from having standalone coaching conversations to structuring full coaching programmes. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to work with a range of clients and across varied situational contexts, e.g. life, career, executive. 

By doing so, you will enable clients address and respond to what’s happening in their lives using evidence-based and psychologically-informed frameworks. You will in turn become proficient supporting people who want to create change in themselves. This could be at a professional or a more personal, transformational level.

By attending the Diploma you will:

  • Develop your skills and behaviours in professional coaching that can be used in a variety of contexts – from work, relationships, career to life
  • Grow your confidence in coaching by working in an ethical and conscious manner that embodies the ICF Competencies
  • Enhance your own self-awareness, emotional intelligence and professional growth
  • Achieve the Diploma allowing you to apply as an ACC Coach with the ICF

Anyone can benefit from undertaking a coaching program. Typically people come to coaching because they would like to discuss a change or an opportunity in their life. Some examples of potential clients you could work with are:

  • individuals that are at a change in their lives either as a result of their personal situation or their environment at work
  • individuals that are going back to work following a period of absence including maternity or paternity leave
  • teams who have used group coaching sessions to further enhance their performance and increase their awareness of each others’ strengths and abilities
  • senior executives who are required to develop high-level. strategic goals for their organisations
  • individuals who tells us they feel ‘at a loss’ or ‘confused’ with what to do next

Yes we do. The course fees can be split into 3 or 4 payment plans spread across a number of months.

This is an integrative diploma and on the programme we cover the philosophy and practice of coaching that you can apply to various niches. Our Alumni have come from across all walks of life and wanting to focus, or develop, their skills in a range of coaching outcomes. So whether you want to focus more on personal, executive, career, business or another niche, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

There are some witness testimonies on this page and you can also hear from two of our alumni in one of our Podcast episodes here.

The hours on the Diploma are divided between a number of activities including:

  • Induction activities
  • Number of Live Classes delivered on Zoom that you can attend from home. Depending on the programme that you sign up to these are delivered either on Wednesday evenings or Saturdays
  • Coaching Practice and Feedback
  • Through additional resources available on our Learning Portal

Very little or as much as you’d like! The ICF requires the majority of your learning to be synchronous – that is live with a facilitator whether it’s through the Classes, your practice or the mentoring sessions. So the hours you see will constitute the majority of your studying time. We would always recommend reflective practice, in whichever way or form you find it useful.

The Diploma is assessed in a number of different ways to meet our requirements but also the ICF’s Competencies, giving you peace of mind that your qualification is a robust one. There are 3 key areas of your assessment you need to be aware of:

1. Coaching Practice. This is key for us. Throughout the course you will have many opportunities to coach – either other people on the course or real clients. You will need to submit 5 of your coaching sessions to us and an ICF coach will provide you with both written and verbal feedback on all of the ICF competencies. We take feedback seriously – it’s specific, intentional and focused on developing you as a coach.

2. Leading a Coaching Discussion.  You will need to lead a discussion that incorporates your knowledge on a coaching topic and the ICF competencies. We are not assessing your presentation skills – you can simply lead a discussion on the topic or give us a book review. It’s up to you and we’re here to help you with it.

3. Reflections on your Coaching Experience. We believe master coaches are also great reflectors and want to keep on developing yourself. As part of your qualification you will be required to submit your reflective log to us. Don’t worry – this does not need to be written – it can be audio files, videos, blog posts – reflections are personal to you!

The Diploma is fully accredited by the ICF allowing you to apply for membership and ACC accreditation.

A lot! Coach-trainees are supervised by ICF Coaches with years of experience working in organisations and with private clients. Apart from the Live Classes you will have mentoring sessions, observations of your coaching sessions, the opportunity to present on a coaching topic and access to our bespoke Learning Portal that contains additional resources. These are curated by our experts and include podcasts, journal articles and reading materials. And if you need us we are only an email or phone call away.

Definitely! We want you to make sure that you choose the right Coach Training Programme and we speak to all of our trainees during the application process. We’re honest about our approach and we’d love the opportunity to discuss with you how we work.  

Feel free to contact us directly with any questions or simply to have a chat on +44-2032398728 or on info@tobecome.org 

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