What I really needed to know before starting an ICF Coach Training Programme

What do you really need to know before starting an accredited training programme whether it’s in executive coaching, career or personal coaching?


This post was inspired by one of current trainees on the ICF Coach Training Diploma. She talked about how before signing up she felt that she needed to know everything… and that kept her back.

It made me think about how really, in many ways, progress is more important than perfection (does that even exist ha?) and that for some people embarking on something as transformational as a coach-training programme can feel challenging.

I get it. I’ve been there myself and still feel the same many, many times! There are some key things that are needed though for me what’s key is having that curiosity, openness and passion to develop yourself and others. The rest comes along the way.

The more we practice our coaching skills the more we refine them. The more confident we become. It’s really not about knowing everything. It’s about having that reassurance that it’s okay to start and that you’ll get support along the way!

If you would like to learn more get in touch with us. You can also find more information about our ICF Diploma in Integrative Coaching accredited pathways towards certification as a coach.

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