The Quickest Way to Gain an ICF Certification shouldn’t Compromise on Quality

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Completing an ICF Certification Programme is a big milestone for any Coach. When looking at Coach Training programmes it's key to find one that focuses on quality, supporting you becoming the best Coach you can be. Read our Blog Post with tips on ways you can find a Coach Training Programme that works for you.


‘What’s the quickest way to become ICF Accredited?’ is one of the questions that as a Coach Training School we get asked a lot. 

Gaining an ICF Training Certification (which is key if you want to become an Accredited Executive, Life, Career or any other kind of professional Coach) is a big milestone. It not only gives you credibility and recognition but also demonstrates your commitment towards ethical practice and your clients.

So what can you do if perhaps you already have got some coaching experience and want a path towards ICF Certification without compromising on the quality of your training?

In this post we address this and provide you with ideas on what to look for to ensure high-quality coach education that integrates your experience and aspirations. So what should you look for in an ICF Coach Training Programme?

1. Options for Flexible Studying

Flexibility is key especially if you are on a busy schedule and also prefer to do some of the learning in your own time. Having an online Learning Portal will greatly enhance your experience where you can take more control of your learning. 

On Become’s Learning Portal (that you get access to upon enrolment) you’ll find all of the course materials including the ones used in Class, your pre-work, any handouts, recordings of real coaching sessions and more. All in one place for you to access whenever you can.

Learn more about our Level 1 Accredited ICF Diploma in Integrative Coaching.


2. Supportive Facilitators & Mentors

One of the most important factors is having a group of mentors who are ICF Trained, have their own real life coaching experience and understand the Competencies that you need to show to obtain your ACC or PCC Credential. Our mentors at Become excel at doing this. They will provide you with guidance, feedback and valuable insight. 

Learn more about our brilliant Coach Mentors.


3. Practice… and not just Theory about Models

Becoming a skilled coach requires practice and any Coach Training Certification should focus on providing you with that space to practice. Become’s Level 1 and Level 2 Diplomas in Integrative Coaching support you with this. We discuss core psychological concepts that underpin coaching (e.g. Acceptance & Commitment Therapy ACT, Non-directiveness in Coaching, Working with Limiting Beliefs) and then you practice. We do real play to help embed your learning quickly rather than focus on just case studies. This helps you immediately practice what you are learning. So the key thing is to look for a programme that gives you a lot of practice!

If you’d like to get a feel of what we are like (hint: friendly and approachable!) register for the next FREE Coaching Fundamentals Workshop.


4. Tailored 1-1 Feedback at times that suits YOU!

Following practice it’s important to get feedback, in a way that is specific and personalised to you. Our Coach Training Certification goes beyond assessments and provides you with feedback from trained practitioners in light of the ICF Competencies and the business of Coaching. We first provide you with extensive written feedback (think about 6-8 pages per session!) and then we go over this feedback with you in a mentoring session. This tailoring of the feedback helps you delve deeper in your learning. It’s specific guidance when you need it as you book this based on your availability. 

5. A Community to Connect with FOLLOWING your Training

Your learning doesn’t just happens whilst you are on the training programme. You develop through the additional mentoring that you get. You learn from other ICF Trained Coaches in a safe and confidential way. That’s why at Become we offer our trainees access to an Alumni Community via regular catch-ups online and face to face, a forum on LinkedIn and also additional Group Mentoring. This personalised support helps you progress in your coaching practice towards your ACC or PCC Credential.


6. Submission of your Final Piece of Work in your own time

The Diploma requires a final Performance Evaluation at ACC level. We don’t set a date for this. We just ask you to submit this coaching session to us within a year. So you can do this as quickly or slowly as you like. We guide you with what is required and help you be successful in this process.


6. Option for Flexible Payment Plans

Check with your provider if they offer payment plans for your Diploma. Payment plans help to ease the financial burden. At Become we offer flexible payment plans of up to 12 months on the Diploma to make it accessible to a wider range of individuals. You can spread the cost over time, making it manageable. 

Find out more about financing your ICF Diploma and our Payment Plans.


7. Consistent Quality

We have a Fast Track Level 1 Diploma that runs over consecutive Saturdays. Whilst this streamlines the Certification Process the emphasis is to not compromise on quality. We remain committed to delivering a robust learning experience, comprehensive mentorships, observations and feedback, regardless of your chosen pathway towards accreditation. Our goal as a Coaching School is to develop brilliant people into even more competent and effective coaches, equipped to make a positive impact on your clients’ lives. 

Obtaining an ICF certification is an essential step for professional coaches, and we recognize the demand for a quicker route without sacrificing quality.

By providing access to supportive ICF facilitators, fostering a vibrant coaching community, offering additional mentoring, and utilizing a flexible online portal, our program ensures a well-rounded and efficient coaching education.

With our Level 1 Diploma and upcoming Fast Track option, we continue to prioritize excellence while supporting coaches in their journey towards becoming exceptional practitioners.

p.s. If you've made it this far why not get in touch and set up a time for a 1-1 conversation with us? You can book it below.

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