Promoting Yourself as a Great Coach


How do you view self-promotion? Does it come naturally to you or is it more like a ‘necessary evil’? ⁣

Self-promotion as coach is important. Because when you start to see self-promotion as an opportunity to share what you can bring to the table, things shift. 

Not only do you get to work with more great clients and do what you love but inevitably you become more confident in what you do. You start seeing and believing in your own value. 

And if you’re not sure where to start, don’t immediately think of social media. Yes, social media helps but there’s more to it than just posting online. 

Here’s a few more things to help you consider how you are talking about being a coach:

✨ Self promotion is a skill, which means it can be learnt (think: practice)⁣

✨ Review and note your accomplishments and expertise – it will make you feel more confident in your abilities. By looking back at your experience and achievements you change your beliefs and gather ‘evidence’ to support your value and what you offer people as a coach.

✨ Practice your ‘elevator speech’ and do it out loud (and not just in your head!) Yes, your might know about this one, however hearing yourself talking about your abilities will make self-promotion easier⁣.

✨ Remember that bragging isn’t self-promotion – use nice, simple language, be enthusiastic about what you do and help people to understand what you do.⁣

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