How do I become an Accredited ICF Coach? A Guide

This Guide provides you with more information how to become an Accredited Coach. Whether you want to become a Life Coach, Career Coach or Executive Coach. As you'll see mentioned in this guide, Coaching is Coaching! So if you're thinking about becoming a Coach accredited by the biggest Award Boding for Coaches (the ICF) then this is the information that you need!


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The world of coaching can be a confusing one. With different accreditations, training pathways and niches (e.g. life, career, executive etc.) you can get a bit lost doing your research!

To help you navigate this we have created a guide to help you understand the coaching profession and whether it’s a career path that you wish to pursue.

What does a Life Coach do?

Life Coaches typically either work for themselves or as contractors for bigger businesses. 

Usually a Life Coach would spend their day working 1-1 with people holding coaching sessions and carrying out any additional tasks to help their business running. This is key if the Coach is working for themselves (e.g. marketing, social media).

How is Life Coaching different to other Types of Coaching?

In essence, coaching is coaching (unless we are talking sports and fitness coaching, which is a different field really).

When we talk about life coaching we usually refer to individuals who support others in creating personal goals,enabling holistic and transformational change. That said, executive, career, or other coaches would also do the same! A coach ultimately is a coach.

Who can become a Life Coach?

Technically anyone can. Although we would suggest that this is something that you need to be passionate about! Ideally Life Coaches are people who thrive working with people, especially in a 1-1 capacity. Individuals who are open to feedback, reflective and open to supervision.

What is an ICF Accredited Life Coach?

The ICF is the largest global awarding body for coaches. The ICF provide training programmes (via providers such as Become), competency frameworks and accreditation pathways. Once accredited, ICF Coaches gain professional recognition for their practice through three credentials: ACC, PCC and MCC (MCC being the highest).

How do I become a Life Coach?

There are a number of key steps to consider including your training and mentoring. Download our Guide to find out more. 


Are you looking to become a Life Coach? Want to understand how to become an Accredited Coach? 

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