How can I (and my organisation) benefit from coaching?

Two key questions that we get asked regularly are: 1. What exactly is coaching? 2. How can I benefit from coaching?


So what is coaching? It’s a structured, yet fluid conversation with the single goal of supporting people achieve their best – whether they’re a company leader, a mum or a student. The focus of these conversations is you. You are in the driving seat; the coach is sitting next to you. As we know though, being our best is not easy – perhaps there are limiting beliefs that we have to face or organisational challenges that we must overcome. That’s where the coach comes in.

​Coaching distinctly differs from therapy and similar practices in a number of ways. Most importantly coaching is clearly focused on your future, fostering improved performance and sustainable change. In addition coaching can be pretty quick and typically most coaches won’t do more than around 6 or so sessions with a client.

And what are the benefits? Well I do like lists so, if you are considering coaching, here’s my top 5 ways of how it can support your and your organisation’s success.

First of all bear in mind that coaching is personal, flexible and 100% focused on you. Therefore:

  1. ​Expect to see greater results quickly (for yourself and your organisation). Your own development is key, but aligning that to your organisation will make the difference. Research from CIPD and the ICF is clear that working with a coach will enable you to achieve those harder results faster. Your coach does not need to be an expert in your organisation – they’re experts in the coaching process and methodology.
  2. Be wow-ed by who you are and what you can do. A big change will happen in yourself. You will experience significant learning about your own abilities and behaviours, how you are perceived and where you can improve. People who have been coached will tell you clearly that a big part (and benefit) of their development is figuring out who they really are. Again, CIPD and the ICF show that organisations that offer coaching as a L&D activity consistently show improved morale and retention in comparison with competitors.
  3. You’ll develop your potential and make bold moves. A coach will challenge you to think about what’s going on in your life from a different point of view. They will support you in making those decisions and in making that bold move that you have been waiting to make for ages! 
  4. You’ll find that space to hear your own voice which is surprisingly difficult in today’s manic world! Coaching gives you the space to air your thoughts in a non-judgemental, impartial, safe environment. It will give you more clarity on your values and what you stand for.  It will help you structure your own thoughts.
  5. Expect to develop tailored skills, knowledge or behaviours. As a result of its personal one-to-one nature coaching will address specific areas  of development and support further enhancements of your strengths. Rather than having to work within a group setting a coach can support your individual areas of development in a tailored, unique approach.

​So if you, or your organisation are ready to grow and improve with the support of someone you are willing to trust why not explore this further? To understand if coaching is suitable for you or your organisation feel free to drop us a note on 

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