Our Training & Development Workshops

Delivered Remotely or Face-to-Face 

Managing People with Confidence

3 Days or 6 Half Days

A highly participative management development programme aimed at creating confident managers and harnessing leadership potential. This workshop focuses on the skills, knowledge, behaviours and attitudes that are key for effective management.

Leading People with Presence & Impact

4 Days or 8 Half Days

An immersive leadership programme supporting leaders explore their style and vision. Participants explore what drives their leadership purpose, how to successfully craft a compelling strategy for teams. It is either delivered as 4 days, typically once a month, or half-days.

Boosting Teamwork & Collaboration

1 Day + Coaching 

A challenging and interactive workshop enabling you identify and experience the benefits of teamwork inside and outside of your department and organisation. The focus is on your style when working in a team and how to leverage opportunities for growing relationships.

Crucial Conversations with Impact

1 Day

A practical workshop enabling you to confidently have challenging discussions using the Crucial Conversation approach. As part of this programme you will explore what makes a conversation crucial and how to maximise its impact on yourself and others

Enabling Social & Collective Learning at Work

Half Day

A highly interactive half-day workshop that equips learners with the importance of identifying and harnessing informal learning opportunities. Through models such as 70:20:10, it focuses on the principles of social & collective learning and how they can be applied successfully within teams.

Developing Coaching Skills

2 Days

An inspiring and practical workshop that packs a punch! It is ideal for managers who want to develop their skills in being able to have coaching style conversations. During the day managers will explore 2 coaching models and also have chance to practice their skills and receive feedback.

Presenting Engaging Training & Workshops

2 Days

A 2 day event that integrates facilitation and practical activities to enable you become a fantastic facilitator! On Day 1 you will learn facilitation skills and techniques whilst on Day 2 you will deliver a short session, observe others and identify ways to develop yourself even further to elevate your public speaking.

Driving High Performance in Remote Teams

Half Day 

A one day workshop suitable for managers and leaders who want to develop their skills in managing remotely. It allows you to explore how you can enhance high performance working in your co-located and remote teams whilst building engagement and commitment

Developing Strengths & High Performance

Half Day

Are you utilising your strengths to develop your potential and impact? Do you know how your strengths are empowering you, your team and shaping your career development? This workshop allows you to identify this and ways how you can develop strengths further.

Mentoring for Line Managers

1 Day

This workshop provides an opportunity for managers to specifically develop their mentoring skills. During the day managers will explore a variety of formal and informal mentoring models and develop a structure for implementing mentoring within their own teams.

Creating Customer Service Excellence

1 Day

A one day workshop suitable for individuals who strive to deliver excellence in customer service skills. The workshop covers how you communicate with customers, techniques for excellence in customer service  and ways to manage difficult conversations with stakeholders. 

Let's Create Your Own Bespoke Workshop!

We tailor all of our workshops. So if you do not see what you are looking for here just give us a ring. We’re certain that we can support you!


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At Become we promise you 3 things 

​​ All of our workshops are designed with your organisation in mind. We do not just say that, we mean it. We meet with you, we understand your company and your needs and tailor all of our programmes accordingly. 

​​ Practice and Feedback is key to create impactful learning. Feedback on real activities is core to our training programmes. We design programmes to suit different learning styles with feedback processes embedded to maximise learning. Whether it is from the facilitator, the line manager or other delegates we truly believe in an experiential approach to learning.  

​​ People learn best when they’re having fun. We believe that people learn best when they are relaxed and enjoying themselves. Engagement is key to maximising people’s learning potential.

We have been hired by companies to deliver on a wide spectrum of workshops and training events including:

Designing, delivering and evaluating Management and Leadership Development Programs

ILM-endorsed feedback and Team Management Programs

Supporting HR and L&D teams with inductions and on-boarding activities

Creating Development Centres using a range of assessments including psychometrics

A range of bespoke Programs including change management, communication skills and personal effectiveness

'Train the Trainer' programs that develop public speaking and ability to engage with various stakeholders

” Following the programme you delivered for us I would like to thank you for your inspirational approach and motivational  advice. I truly appreciate your support during all times and thank you for going out of your way by sharing with us your expertise and high level review and guidance which we would have never learnt from textbooks and reference books.  I truly mean it when  I say this is one of my best learning experiences and I really admire your passion and  seriousness in leading and managing this development program.  I attended  many programmes worldwide and I often feel  like neither facilitators nor student are serious about it. But this experience is really different and big thanks go to you.

Hatim AlGhamdi

HR Policy Analyst, Saudi Arabian Oil Company

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