Here’s what some of our clients say about us.

It is no surprise that we get rave reviews from people who we work with.  Our friendly yet professional approach allows us to work with clients across all levels and industries. Here’s what some have said.

Training Testimonials


” Following the programme you delivered for us I would like to thank you for your inspirational approach and motivational  advice. I truly appreciate your support during all times and thank you for going out of your way by sharing with us your expertise and high level review and guidance which we would have never learnt from textbooks and reference books.  I truly mean it when  I say this is one of my best learning experiences and I really admire your passion and  seriousness in leading and managing this development program.  I attended  many programmes worldwide and I often feel  like neither facilitators nor student are serious about it.  But this experience is really different and big thanks go to you.

Hatim AlGhamdi

HR Policy Analyst, Saudi Arabian Oil Company, Saudi Arabia


” Joseph completely revolutionised our training. He brought in web based training sessions, with measurable targets and goals. He set up regular training sessions for managers as well as new staff. He re-wrote all existing training material and developed extensive new material. He sought and gained feedback on a regular basis from his ‘trainees’. He initiated training for staff on new client procedures and he developed training for our clients as well. His sessions were clear, easy to understand, and universally popular. Joseph was dedicated to his work and carried it out to a very high standard. His real stand out quality, though, is his incredibly positive attitude, which has a beneficial effect on everyone he comes into contact with. He is a pleasure to work with!

Sophy King

Managing Director, Emigra Europe Ltd., UK


“I attended a range of workshops that Joseph delivered and I can not recommend him highly enough! If you’re looking for short courses or development programmes for yourself or teams, I’d definitely check out Smarter Learning”

Carys Evans

L&D Consultant, MotoNovo Finance, UK


“The trainer was amazing – he made sure we all fully understood every aspect of the training and helped with my coaching.” 

Emily Mitchell



The trainer was incredibly engaging and created a learning environment in which people felt at ease to answer questions and offer opinions straightaway. I feel much more confident and capable now and all in all, a thoroughly enjoyable day and I cannot wait for the next one!”

Steven M.

L&D Advisor, UK

Coaching Testimonials


” Joseph helped me focus on what I need to do in order to reach my goals at work and achieve better life balance. He was able to summarise what I was saying clearly and to feed this back to me. I now feel much less panicked about my large workload.

Sheila B.

Course Director, Bangor University, UK


“Following the coaching programme I’ve become more proactive and have better courage in my convictions. Joseph excelled in asking me thought-provoking questions with strong follow up.”

Stephanie R.

Membership Body, UK


Joseph’s skill very much cantered around assisting me to identify what I wanted to achieve, with clarity, and how I can achieve that. With the demands and commitments that we all have, it was very helpful to be guided through this to identify what is important and how to stay focussed.

Jason L.

Manager, Home Office, UK


Thank you so much for the coaching session last week, it was really cathartic. I feel I made a step forward in something that had been stalling me for nearly 10 years!” 

Tamzin D,


Consultancy Testimonials



” I have worked with Smarter Learning (now Become Coaching & Training Ltd.) on a number of projects including delivering workshops and providing consultancy services.  I have found Joseph and Smarter Learning’s approach extremely professional and refreshing.  Joseph’s ability to develop relationships quickly with clients is certainly one of his many key strengths!  I would certainly recommend their services to anyone interested in training and coaching.

Sharon Halliday

Managing Director, People & Design Ltd., UK


We have worked with Smarter Learning (now Become Coaching & Training Ltd.) on a large-scale UK-wide recruitment project following a contract that 3SC won.  His unique insight into the psychometric tests he interpreted clearly and easily identified the potential of our candidates in relation to the competencies we were looking for.  Throughout this project the work was carried out in an extremely professional and timely manner and we have now used his services repeatedly.  On another occasion Joseph also designed and delivered our team-building day and helped my staff members think and act on their development plans. The insight that he has provided 3SC in this process has been invaluable and we would highly recommend Joseph’s services to other organisations.”

Martyn Oliver

Chief Executive, 3SC, UK


We have used Smarter Learning (now Become Coaching & Training Ltd.) for a number of recruitment and training purposes.  Joseph helped us with the administration and interpretation of psychometric testing and his insight was invaluable.  He easily understood our requirements and was very proactive in finding solutions that matched our HR needs.  Furthermore, thanks to his friendly yet professional approach, Joseph easily engaged with our stakeholders across the entire organisation.

Tom Walsh

Sales Director, St Ermins Hotel, UK

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