Certificate in Leadership & Organisational Coaching


Ideal for qualified coaches, this is a packed 2-Day course that covers the theory and practice of coaching with organisations, whether you’re an internal coach or an external one. By following this programme you will hone your coaching skills further and learn new techniques to support people flourish in organisations.

On the programme you will explore a variety of coaching frameworks. You will also have ample opportunity to practice your skills. It will support you to develop your expertise in working with leaders explore a range of opportunities and challenges as required within their organisational context.


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This 2-day training course is suitable for individuals who would like to understand theory and practice of coaching within an organisational context.

The Certificate covers how coaching in organisations can differ from other niches such as personal or life coaching. Throughout you will be challenged to explore ways you can support employees, including leaders thrive at work.

It also brings to life the ethical and organisational factors that impact professional coaching, particularly when working with sponsors and other stakeholders like HR and line managers.

On the Course you will also be introduced to ways how you can support leaders by creating a safe environment and working partnership to foster high performance.

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July 2023, November 2023


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