Our Podcast: Coaching in Focus

Hosted by Joseph Grech

Our Podcast delves into key topics for fellow coaches, coach-trainees and those interested in the profession. In each episode Joseph is in conversation with individuals who are practitioners and academics willing to share some of their key insights and knowledge. 

Each episode is no more than 30 minutes long and some of the topics in discussion include: 

  • The Coaching Relationship with Sharon Halliday
  • Career Coaching & Mentoring with Richard Clements
  • Health Coaching with Agata Galland
  • Positive Psychology Coaching with Sadia Ghazanfar
  • Coaching in Organisations with Steven McCormick

… and many more coming up

Season 1 Episode 1

In this first episode Joseph is in conversation with Sharon Halliday from www://peopleanddesign.com. Sharon is a trained ICF Coach and has extensive experience working at leadership level with coachees and trainees globally. Sharon discusses what makes a great alliance between coach and coachee, ethical practice and other aspects professionals coaches should be mindful of to elevate this partnership.

Season 1 Episode 2

Joseph is discussing careers with Richard Clements – a Career Coach, Mentor and Founder of Clear Cut Selection www.clearcutselection.com. Richard works full time as an interview coach, and has a superb track record of empowering candidates to get the job they really want through performance-enhancing interview skills and communication coaching.

Season 1 Episode 3

Joseph is discussing positive psychology and the power of language with Sadia Ghazanfar – a trained ICF Coach, Trainer and Founder of Slay Your Dragons.  Her mission is to help women step out of their comfort zones so they can create a life they love and start slaying!  Sadia integrates evidence-based tools and techniques to empower, bring joy and create sustainable change.

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