1 Day Face-to-Face Workshop

Mentoring Skills for Managers

This workshop provides an opportunity for managers to specifically develop their mentoring skills. During the day managers will explore a variety of formal and informal mentoring models and develop a structure for implementing mentoring within their own teams

​Who is it for?

This workshop is suitable for people who manage teams or are in an HR or L&D position and want to develop their mentoring skills. It is also ideal for individuals who want to explore learning practices that go beyond training, with a focus on implementing them within their own organisation and learning practices.

What will I learn?

By attending this workshop you will obtain a clear overview of mentoring fundamentals. Differences between coaching, mentoring and consulting are explored and formal and informal mentoring introduced. The workshop will also allow managers to practice mentoring skills. Following this workshop you will leave with a series of tools and techniques that will make a significant impact to your life, your employees and the wider organisation.

​By attending this workshop you will:

Understand the principles of mentoring and how they differ from related fields (e.g. coaching and consultancy)

Explore the impact of mentoring and why it is important for management and the organisation

Discuss various types of mentoring that happens in the workplace include career development, performance and peer

Learn and practice the GROW model and how it can be used for mentoring

Develop key mentoring skills including active listening, powerful questioning and presence

Our Smarter Learning Approach

Impactful Learning

on what exactly mentoring is, how it differs from coaching, a mentoring model and skills required for effective mentoring  

Real Practice

by practicing key mentoring skills and then delivering a real life mentoring session with a peer to embed learning

Clear Feedback

by the facilitator and your peers, following a mentoring session you deliver, to learn in a social and collaborative manner 

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