4 DAY MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME (can also be delivered as 8 Half Days)

Leading People with Presence & Impact

An immersive leadership programme aimed at supporting leaders explore their style and vision. Participants explore what drives their leadership purpose, how to successfully craft a compelling strategy for teams. It is either delivered as 4 days or over a period of half-days.

​Who is it for?

This workshop is ideal for established line managers and senior staff members who have an interest in discovering their leadership style. It focuses on enabling leaders explore the importance of attitude over skills and knowledge in leadership together with developing their presence.

What will I learn?

An experiential approach underpins this highly interactive 4 Day Management Programme, giving you the chance to assess, practice and review your strengths and development areas as a leader in a friendly and supportive environment.

Throughout the 4 days you will be immersed in realistic leadership activities to accelerate the reflection of own style. This is key as by actively engaging in real life practice you will discover your own strengths and areas for development.

​By attending this workshop you will:

Understand, reflect upon and assess your own leadership style and approach

Discover what authentic leadership is and your purpose

Identify ways how you can craft a compelling vision for your teams that motivates and encourages autonomy

Be able to carry out key leadership activities including coaching, handling difficult conversations, prioritisation, delegation and emotional intelligence

​Day 1

The focus is on exploring your style, what your strengths are, what values you bring in and how you want to develop . We also explore your communciation preferenceshow you’re building trust and the role of emotional intelligence. As part of this day you will identify a project to work on across the leadership programme.

Day 2

The second day focuses on carving your leadership purpose and vision. The focus is on you as a leader including your role in harnessing people’s potential. Authentic Leadership is also presented together with ways of developing your presence. The importance of behaviours and attitude for great leadership is developed.

Day 3

This day provides learners with the tools to be able to foster High Performing Organisations that are innovative and productive. The integral role of the leader in supporting continuous professional development is explored together with opportunities for reflection and reviewing what has already been embedded back in the workplace.

Day 4

On the final day learners deliver a short overview of what their leadership purpose and vision is. This helps develop presence and facilitation skills. It also provides opportunity for their managers to attend the event and for the leader to  receive feedback on changes they have observed over the programme. 

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