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1-1 Coaching with Executive and Career Coach Joseph Grech 


Hello, I’m Joseph, an ICF Accredited Coach providing professional face to face and online coaching.

Find out about how I work to help you achieve your goals through enhanced self-awareness, improved focus and authenticity.   

I do this by entering in a partnership with you over a number of confidential sessions, typically 6. During our coaching I help you focus on what you want to achieve, so you can explore your thoughts and potential actions. As your personal, executive and career coach I help you uncover what’s possible and see what might not be immediately clear. I challenge your thinking, assist you in setting goals and hold you accountable to what you want to achieve in your life.    

As your professional coach I support you to:  

Identify and overcome limiting beliefs that can get in the way of doing what you want. I'm trained in both Cognitive Behavioural and Acceptance-Commitment Coaching techniques to help you with this.

Make the most of periods of transition including career change, redundancies or promotions. I've supported many individuals move roles, identify next steps and embrace their new career.

Improve your leadership performance, decision-making and strategic presence. I'm qualified in using ability and personality psychometrics, which I can bring to our coaching.

Enhance self confidence when working with senior stakeholders and customers.

Obtain greater self-awareness and heightened focus at work. I help you make sense of what's important, what matters to you and how you can drive your performance.

Understand your core values and authentic voice, minimising your self-talk and abolishing that inner critic. My expertise lies in helping you make sense of that imposter syndrome: what it is and why it's there. And, what you can do about it.

A little bit about me

Joseph Grech, PCC Coach

My expertise as a personal, executive and career coach lies in supporting and challenging people to get unstuck, achieve their goals, and unlock potential. 

Over the last 15 years I have worked with people all over the world supporting them make confident and positive changes in their lives. I provide coachees with a safe yet challenging space to clearly understand themselves, their values and what they want to achieve in life.

I am experienced using a wide range of different coaching frameworks and I believe flexibility is key to coaching. A ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach can be limiting in coaching relationships and can end up devaluing the individual for the sake of following a model. As a coaching psychologist what is fundamental to my practice is a core, humanistic belief in people and I’m a firm believer of strengths-based approaches. Apart from these I also utilise acceptance-commitment and cognitive behavioural frameworks to enable long term change in individuals. 

On top of my 1:1 coaching I facilitate a number of workshops that Become delivers, particularly focusing on leadership and management. I also lecture on CIPD Qualifications in L&D and train on a range of coach development programmes including ICF and ILM.



    Joseph Grech Coaching a Client
    • Professional Accredited Coach by the ICF (PCC)
    • Chartered Fellow of the CIPD (FCIPD)
    • Principal Practitioner (Association for Business Psychology)
    • Graduate Member (British Psychological Society) 
    • Advanced Diploma in Professional Coaching Practice
    • Certificate in Coaching Psychology & Psychological Coaching
    • Primary Certificate in Stress Management
    • Primary Certificate in Performance Coaching
    • Trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
    • Psychometrics (Ability & Personality) including MBTI and 16PF
    • Masters in HR Development
    • Bachelors with Honours in Psychology


    Your Coaching Journey

    Free Chemistry Meeting

    We Partner Together, You Achieve Success

    You lead. I support, challenge and motivate you in achieving your goals.

    ​Coaching allows you to form a meaningful partnership that challenges and stretches you to help you achieve success. Upon engagement we work together focusing on what you want to achieve. The way we work varies on your outcome, your learning preferences and motivation. But don’t worry about knowing all of this – leave that part to me.

    It's About Work, Career or Personal Development

    Whether it’s developing business skills or overcoming your limiting beliefs – you’re covered.

    I coach in a holistic way, providing executive, career and life coaching. This is because I believe that you cannot disassociate work and personal life. As they’re inextricably linked, your coaching will unequivocally tap into all areas. Therefore you will see positive changes in various aspects of your life; whether we call it executive, career, or personal coaching. It is all connected!


    Sessions delivered Face to Face or Online

    Don’t worry about how it’s done. I’m flexible and we’ll make it work your way.

    Some people prefer coaching face to face, others online over Zoom, whilst some on the phone. It doesn’t matter really. We work together according to your preferences. I will provide you with the necessary support whichever way we agree to carry out the coaching sessions. Throughout the years I have supported people grow and achieve success from all four corners of the world.

    “The online career coaching was absolutely fantastic! I could not recommend Joseph more highly as an experienced executive coach! I was slightly skeptical before and therefore there were times when I had to truly have some seriously honest discussions with myself. But Joseph was always there supporting me. He was completely non-judgemental and made me feel listened to. He’s an exceptional coach and doing it virtually from home was fantastic!”

    Natasha F.

    Technical Engineer, UK

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