Half-Day Face-to-Face Workshop plus Optional 1-Hour Coaching Session

Developing Strengths & High Performance

Are you utilising your strengths to develop your potential and impact? Do you know how your strengths are empowering you, your team and your career development? This workshop allows you to identify this and ways how can develop strengths further.

​Who is it for?

Anyone who wishes to further develop a clear understanding of their strengths: identifying what they are, their alignment to personal values and ways to keep on developing them. As part of this day learners will also be provided with a copy of the Gallup Strengths Assessment and book. This will enable participants to explore their strengths clearly in line with an industry-standard framework.

What will I learn?

By attending this half day workshop you will first have an opportunity to identify what your strengths are. This is done through the Gallup Strengths Assessment. This is then followed by an exploration of your key strengths, how they match your values and the way you are using them in the workplace. 

As part of this day you will also explore how your strengths support the achievement of team objectives and what work tasks you do that help your development. Inevitably tasks that do not play to your strengths will also be explored together with ways how these can be managed.

​By attending this workshop you will:

Identify what your key strengths are and which leadership domains they fall under

Immerse yourself in an activity exploring your own personal development and how you are using your strengths in your job

Demonstrate a wide range of techniques to enhance your work based on identified strengths

OPTIONAL One Hour 1-1 Coaching Session with the facilitator to discuss your feedback and way forward

Our Smarter Learning Approach

Impactful Learning

on key techniques and practical tools that will help you identify what your strengths and values are and how you are applying them to work  

Real Practice

following an assessment of your strengths and focused on your personal and continuous development 

Clear Feedback

from your peers and the opportunity to have an optional 1-1 Coaching Session with the facilitator to explore your strengths 

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