2 Non-Consecutive Days Face-to-Face Workshop

Presenting Engaging Training & Workshops

A 2 day event that integrates facilitation and practical activities to enable you become a fantastic facilitator. On Day 1 you will learn key facilitation skills whilst on Day 2 you will deliver a short session, observe others to learn from their style, and identify ways to develop yourself even further

​Who is it for?

This workshop is suitable for people who manage teams or are in an HR or L&D position. It is also ideal for individuals who want to explore learning practices that go beyond training, with a focus on implementing them within their own organisation and learning practices.

What will I learn?

Through a mixture of demonstration and practical activities you will develop your confidence in presenting and enhance your training style. It also supports learners to recognise what makes a fantastic learning event and their role as facilitators. During this event learners will be able to practice the facilitation skills they learn for increased learning retention.

​By attending this workshop you will:

Identify what makes effective and engaging facilitation, exploring your own training style

Practice ways to create rapport and a positive learning environment to maximise learning

Demonstrate a wide range of training techniques to deliver clear and well-structured learning content

Identify ways to adapt your approach to unique learner needs and how to respond to typical challenges in a training session

Deliver a short facilitation session and obtain clear feedback on your strengths and performance

Our Smarter Learning Approach

Impactful Learning

on key techniques and practical tools to engage learners when facilitating a training or workshop  

Real Practice

by delivering a short facilitation session that is observed by your trainer and other learners

Clear Feedback

from the facilitator and your peers to learn in a social and collaborative manner 

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