1 Day Face-to-Face Workshop

Creating Customer Service Excellence

A one day workshop suitable for individuals who strive to deliver excellence in customer service skills. The workshop also explores how you communicate with customers and managing difficult conversations with internal and external customers

​Who is it for?

This workshop is suitable for individuals who are either experienced managers or about to embark in managing a virtual team. It is ideal for managers who want to drive performance and results in their teams whether they are co-located or dispersed.

What will I learn?

How are you creating customer service excellence? This workshop explores this, focusing on internal and external customers and at the same time serves as an opportunity for teams to work together and develop relationships. Due to the varied nature of the customers that organisations face this workshop goes beyond role plays and typical customer service scenario and focuses more on who your customers are, their specific needs and what you can do to leverage excellence.

​By attending this workshop you will:

Identify what excellence in customer service looks an feels like for your own customers (internal and external)

Explore the importance of customer service in light of organisational values and vision

Identify what matters to customers and how to meet practical and personal needs

Explore what leads to difficult behaviour and how you can manage this

Apply and practice core customer service models to listen effectively, ask the right questions and respond appropriately to customer requests

Our Smarter Learning Approach

Impactful Learning

on key models and skills required in customer service. Focus on building listening and questioning skills to enable excellence in customer service

Real Practice

using real-play opportunities supporting you practice key customer service skills and models that you would face in everyday interactions with customers 

Clear Feedback

is actively encouraged by all participants so delegates can identify  plans in relation to their strengths and areas of development and embed their learning back at work

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