1 Day Face-to-Face Workshop

Crucial Conversations with Impact

A practical workshop enabling you to confidently have challenging discussions using the Crucial Conversation approach. As part of this programme you will explore what makes a conversation crucial and how to maximise its impact on yourself and others

​Who is it for?

This workshop is recommend for all managers, team leaders and individuals who may be required to have everyday difficult conversations with their employees, colleagues or clients.


What will I learn?

Challenging conversations happen in the workplace regularly, where you have to manage emotions and information in a sensitive way. For example, you might be required to discuss redundancy, deal with personal problems, investigate complaints or tackle personality clashes. This workshop provides delegates with a clear exploration of the skills and techniques needed to make the best out of these conversations. Furthermore it allows you to practice and reflect on your ability to deal with these situations confidently and professionally.

​By attending this workshop you will:

Identify when a conversation is crucial and the emotions associated with such a challenging discussion

Explore practical strategies to better understand the motivation of people, identify personality styles and behavioural patterns

Identify how you currently respond during conflict and how you can develop this to have a more impactful discussion

Put into practice a clear, effective structure to handle difficult conversations

Our Smarter Learning Approach

Impactful Learning

using a structure to identify when a conversation is crucial, how you react and how to develop yourself further

Real Practice

where real difficult conversations are practiced in line with a clear and effective structure to allow you maximise the output

Clear Feedback

from the facilitator and your peers to learn in a social and collaborative manner to keep on developing your skills

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