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I’m a 38 year old Turkish ex-Londoner now permanent-living in Barcelona, after moving here in the 2020 pandemic to pursue more joy! I am also the founder of The C Coach.

I’m a passionate advocate of happiness and a resilient mindset to live forward with purpose and fulfilment…. and I’d describe myself as someone willing take risks, ambitious, driven, someone who follows their gut and heart and always for more joy, love, playfulness and self-kindness in life!

Whilst moving to Barcelona, I quit my job and turned my back on 15 years of corporate life, to finally just focus on myself and enjoy some time off in my sabbatical. I realised during this time that my personal purpose and path was greater than an organisational purpose. I had been conforming to societal and external expectations for a long time and although I loved my job, I knew that at the heart of who I am is to support people. Coaching felt like a natural transitional step in both my career and my personal life.

I see the ICF Coach Certification as the equivalent of a driving licence when you want to get yourself onto the roads. There’s a responsibility to others and in essence a great privilege to hold a coaching space, like driving a car in the open road.

The ICF Coach Certification helped me to build the foundation and understanding of ethical practices as well as the structure of coaching sessions in themselves. I went into the training thinking about how I could share my experience with others and came out focused on being client-centric – that’s what differentiates coaching.

I try to practice as much as possible a growth mindset, so I’m always learning and expanding my knowledge with different ways to support clients. I know that my business starts with me – so by developing my coaching skillset, my knowledge, my coaching skin, and passion in this industry – then everything else will follow. I have taken a few years to really dig deep into the kind of coach I want to be, why people choose me as their coach, and what type of coaching services I would like to offer. Clarity of who you are and what your brand represents – is key.

I am a lively person with a playful, energetic, creative approach to life! My motto is focused on joy and self-care. If I don’t feel good from within, it flows into all aspects of my life. I am a lover of Reformer Pilates and swimming, as well as baking and cooking. You’ll find me colouring in mandalas every Saturday morning watching all the cooking programmes and painting by numbers on a Sunday! Living in Barcelona, I love to get out to the sea in the summer and really enjoy being out in nature hiking or just walking in the sunshine.

I work as an authentic and energetic ICF Executive Coach following the Diploma in Integrative Coaching with Become. I specialise in providing the optimum environment, tools and support to nurture individuals and teams to get to where they want to be.

After completing the Diploma I created Destinations Coaching. Through this I deliver high-quality, customised workshops and coaching programmes, and every programme is developed and conducted by me. Prior to starting Destinations Coaching I had over 20 years experience in people management, coaching leaders, inspiring teams with a vision and driving departments through change whilst bringing up two amazing children. I am passionate about helping people to be the best they can be whilst remaining true to themselves.

My passion for coaching started well before my business. As an ICF trained coach I adhere to their values and ethics which place paramount emphasis on ethical behaviour and confidentiality.

When I’m not coaching you might find me walking in the Lake District, or enjoying a BBQ in the garden with friends and family.

Hi, I’m Harry, founder of HDH Wellness. I’m a fully qualified Physical Education teacher and Personal and Wellness Coach originally from London. For the past seven years, I have been living in Dubai, where I have gained extensive international teaching and coaching experience. With over 10 years of working with students and athletes from diverse backgrounds, ranging in age from 3 to 18, I have established a strong foundation in promoting holistic development and fostering student and athlete health and well-being.

I have always held a deep fascination for psychology and a strong desire to empower others to reach their fullest potential. As I explored various avenues for personal growth and the opportunity to assist others, coaching aligns well with my current circumstances of working abroad and teaching. Its flexibility and focus on personal development resonated with me, presenting an ideal path for me to pursue while continuing my professional endeavours overseas.

Through extensive research into various coaching industries and their target audiences, I identified an opportunity to establish a coaching company tailored specifically for young individuals and athletes. My aim is to provide specialised guidance and support to empower young people and athletes in unlocking their full potential and achieving their goals.

I found the study of theory and various frameworks helpful, but being given the opportunity to apply this knowledge in real-life sessions was extremely helpful. Through practice, I not only gained confidence in my ability to utilise the frameworks and skills but also experienced personal growth with each passing week. The feedback and guidance provided by my mentors were invaluable, as they were adept at delivering constructive insights that facilitated significant progress.

I am also a full time PE teacher. When I am not teaching or coaching you can find me on a golf course or doing something active!

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